You may have seen the new Inbody 270 Body Composition device at the front desk recently.In about a minute the InBody gives you an printout of your bodyfat levels, your muscle mass and segmental lean analysis (where your muscle is) The InBody analysis is 98% as accurate when compared to tests costing $150 more.

Knowing your body fat and muscle mass levels will allow you track and improve these metrics through training and diet in the same way you track your PRs

For the rest of April RNCF members can get a single test for $30 or a years worth of tests (1 per month) for $200 and RNCF members that bring in a non RNCF member for a test or years worth of tests will get the same service for free. Ask a coach or the front desk for more details.


New classes starting this weekend (February 13th and 14th)!


  • 8am class will be Fundamentals. Coach Andy will be breaking down the fundamental movements and spending added time to developing proper form. This is for established CrossFitters looking to hone their movements as well as friends who are curious about CrossFit as well. Feel free to bring a friend!

  • 11am class will be for the Advanced CrossFit athlete looking to spend more time on the complex movements they may encounter in competition or even just prime for the Open (which you are all signed up for, right?). Expect high skill work on rings and with Olympic movements and a WOD to finish!


  • 11am class will be a Specialty class. We will spend a good amount of time focusing on one skill (gymnastics, kettlebells, rowing, etc.) and will vary week to week. It will be announced ahead of time as well. This week we will be getting upside down and working the handstand and progressions to the handstand pushup. If you're not fully comfortable being inverted and need to clean up your position, this will be a great opportunity to work on it!


Wednesday May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 24th

Jefferson Curl 2x5

For Time:
Run 1 Mile (5 Laps)
Row 2000m
Run 1 Mile


**No yoga this Sunday